Monday, October 17, 2011

Mom! We Don't Have Any Diapers!

Huh?  Reese prances into my room and announces that we have no diapers for her baby.  I was grading quizzes and halfway watching Million Dollar Baby, so I informed her that we would definitely get some the next time we went to Walmart.  I thought that would suffice my little mini me....I should have known better.  I mean she walked out of the room like everything was fine...jeez, I don't why I thought I had satisfied her request.  The next thing I know she prances back in there with a smile on her face....and a pad.  Yes, the kids were cleaning out the garage, and we had a box full of stuff which included some Kotex that I keep under the sink for any female visitors...I'm definitely not going to write in my blog that I have two older daughters that might need them...they would be mortified!  (HUGE smile plastered on my face)  Someone just placed the basket on top of the bathroom counter, and Reese thought she was in "diaper" heaven.  OMG!!!!  To top it off, she found some "feminine wipes" and was using those as baby wipes.  I have to give it to the little peanut...she can definitely improvise with the best of them.  When I saw her, she looked at me with those big, beautiful, blue eyes practically begging for permission (and afraid she was about to get ripped), and I said, "Knock yourself out, chica!"

That girl keeps me entertained and laughing all the time!!!  God knew what he was doing when He blessed me with that little "oopsie!"  Thank the Lord the birth control didn't work!!!    


  1. You know, this is the second blog you have posted about feminine products. You have very open-minded children, ya know?

  2. Yeah...that is the only way to teach your children!!!! Plus, my kids don't read my blogs, so I can say whatever I want to about them! HAHAHHAHAHA!!!! That's what they get!