Thursday, September 13, 2012

Starting Over at the End

It's officially happened...I am an old, new mom.  Brooklyn, my oldest, is a senior this year and Reese, my baby, started Kindergarten.  My mass confusion over this is scary...I am either in deep denial of my children growing up or my tear ducts have dried up completely.  I know my skin has more wrinkles and I bruise a little easier with each passing year, but I had no idea that I wouldn't just be a emotional mess when this day came.  Brooklyn doesn't even flinch anymore when I yell down the halls that I love her or blow kisses to her.  She just rolls her eyes and says, "Mom...(or) I love you, too."  Good thing is that Peyton is up here now....fresh meat for me to embarrass!  Woohoo!

Four teenagers and a five year old?  Wow...even as I am typing, I am in disbelief.  Both of my 13 year old boys (who will remain nameless, of course, heehee) started the "change" this summer.  I am SO glad that God blessed me with this "change" of two boys during the summer.  No, honestly I sarcasm here and it feels wrong not to be a smart arse about this subject and humiliate my kids.  BUT it could have always been at a being a girl (heck no) could have happened during the spring....the possibilities are endless.  I'm really trying to look at the glass being half full instead of half empty....the experience of 37 years is very rewarding.  So what if I have a few more age spots or wrinkles...I like it!!!

My mind is not made up yet on whether I am going to allow Reese to grow up....I told her the other day that she better never get too big to give me hugs.  She said, "Don't worry, Mom, I'll come back and we can hang out and drink some wine."  I couldn't help but laugh because she is SO not the typical five year old girl.

So, as you can see, my oldest is graduating, and my youngest is just beginning her educational journey.  My teaching career has reached its 12th mark this year, and I will teach until the little diva least.  In a way I feel like a rookie teacher and new mom, but with 12 years of teaching under my belt and another 17 years of parenting skills, well....I just feel like I am starting over at the end....and loving every minute of it!!!

Carpe Diem,

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