Thursday, September 13, 2012


A blog I found that I never posted....stupid ADD...

(My son is yelling from his bed last night as I am walking down the hall...)

"Yes, Conman...what's up?"
"Well, you know how you blog sometimes?  Well, I think you need to blog about things that go on every day in life....since you have so many kids."

Obviously, my oldest son has not been reading my blog....the funny thing is that none of them do, so I can say whatever I want to about them!  I know I usually dog on Reese, but she is full of material...and she can't read...not that it would embarrass her anyway.  I truly think that four year old doesn't even comprehend what the word means.

So, for Connor's sake, I thought I would write a little sumpin' sumpin' today.

I had all my kids (minus Peyton) this weekend, and I loved every minute of it!  Let's start at the beginning when Brook arrives mid-morning...

1.  When Reese sees Brook, it is like someone injects her with 5,325 sugar packets...she goes into hyper mode because she loves her Brookie!  Well...the "sugar" never wears off...
2.  We head to the "beauty shop" for three was a zoo in there, and we added 4 more monkeys to the bunch.  Reese goes first, and I told the lady to give her a Pixie cut like Dora...she looked at me strangely.  I said, "Wait, that's not right...what is the haircut called?"  Aha! The PAGEBOY haircut....hell, they both start with "P."  I just wanted that crap cut off because Reese screams and hollers about brushing her mom always said for me to pick my battles, so I chose to chop it!

Carpe Diem,

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