Friday, November 30, 2012

LOVING Me A Christmas Tree!!!

Just wanted to send you holiday greetings from our family to yours.  The boys and Reese did a wonderful job decorating this BEAUTIFUL tree that ALL five of my angelic children handpicked and sawed down (with help from the tree farmer dude).  

I think our floor is not level OR some culprit jacked up the Christmas Tree Stand...I KNOW it's not my fault that the tree won't stand on it's own!  After about 4 very important ornaments came crashing to the floor and breaking my heart, I decided it was time to add the finishing touch to our masterpiece.  Yes, the angel is gorgeous and is a new one this year, but it is the purple duct tape at the top that truly made this a Redneck/Griswold/Ghetto Christmas!  I really thought Connor was going to wet himself laughing at my ingenuity!!!  Feel free to use this idea because I have not patented it....yet.

Please do not send me emails saying that Brooklyn and Peyton are NOT in the picture...that is where you have to use your imagination since I was too "busy" to photoshop them all know what they look like anyway!  Geez!  And, yes, I realize Connor and Reese have "devilish glowing" eyes...that is just their "sparkling" personality trying to come out.  AND if you will look just a little closer, you will notice Jameson REALLY wanted to get into the holiday spirit by wearing some of the duct tape....everyone knows when Mom says, "SMILE" you better fake it OR I will make it....using purple duct tape.

Warm wishes and love to you all,

Brandi, Brooklyn, Peyton, Connor, Jameson, Reese, Sophie (the mommy dog German Shepherd), and the 8 baby puppies 

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