Monday, September 12, 2011

Pandora Continues....

Pandora has caused quite the comments among my two soul sisters, Minerva/Clairee (Meredith) and Aphrodite/Superb*tch (Toni).  For the record Pandora is not new to me, but the school decided to block it awhile back for some reason.  This year they decided to remove the censorship and let us have it....I pray that it continues!  The ap has been present on my phone for a few years, and I used it occasionally, but I just totally forgot about it when the school denied us the privilege!

Minerva reminded me of Pandora being a huge part of the Music Genome I decided to include a brief synopsis of the the kick arse website.... it out everyone...pretty cool concept!

Something else that I just LOVE about Pandora is that I play music for my amazing students on Fridays while they do their SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) know what I have learned from doing this for the last 3 weeks?  They stay more focused!  Who would have ever believed that music could have such mesmerizing power over teenagers?  Bwahahahaha!!!  Duh!  They have earbuds permanently implanted in their ears!  The thing that cracks me up is that it really doesn't matter what type of music is playing.....mine is "school friendly," but I play all type of genres:  reggae, alternative, country, 80's (Vanilla Ice Ice Baby), rock, and etc...

AND I am going to email my new love right now and ask who was the lucky person to draw this cool name out of the hat.....I'll keep you posted!

So now that I have reintroduced you to the power of music....get out there and dance and sing!  Live life to the fullest....and remember that positive attitudes are contagious.....I would have to say dancing and singing are as well! 


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